I Tried Following a SimplyNailogical Tutorial

I tried following a SimplyNailogical Tutorial! Come see if I pulled off her rainbow smoke nails now!

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What did you guys think of me trying a simplynailogical tutorial?! I thought this was such  cook task to take on. Everyone in the nail art world knows who simplynailogical is so i figured i'd go big or go home. 
**please, for the love of all things holy, this was not meant as a dig to Cristine. SNL troll comments will be reported and deleted**
SimplyNailogical posted these rainbow smokey nails about a year ago and I instantly fell in love. I'd been meaning to recreate them ever since and this tag going around youtube, I tried to follow ..... tutorial, was the perfect opportunity to do it. The smoke effect isn't nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be, and being able to follow simlynailogical tutorial was just epic. 
Theres an app on your phones that allow you to record your screen, sound included, so I just recorded as I watched and got down to doing my nails! I'm so excited about this it's pathetic, so prepare yourself for more "this is what i do while i'm trying to figure out my nails for the week" kind of thing. LOL!
Anyhoozle! I hope you enjoyed this "I Tried Following SimplyNailogical Tutorial | Rainbow Smoke Nail Tutorial", it was super fun for me to do, let me know if you want to see me try anyone elses tutorials! Products IIIII (emphases on I) used are linked below!
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