Trump is 'TREMBLlNG' after hearing message from Schumer on Mueller's Investigation Future

Minority Leader Chuck Schumer spoke about Trump, and his comments about his personal lawyer Michael Cohen getting search & where they took 'Stormy Daniels' documents and Bank records, Schumer also spoke on Trump wanting to dismiss Robert Mueller and end his probe. also on this video watch Trump speak about a possible dismiss of Mueller. 4/11/2018 

leader schumer speaks on trump and mueller on his senate floor speech, this is the latest from the senate and trump's administration. other current events & top stories today are ted cruz questioning Mark Zuckerberg at congress where he is testifying & Paul Ryan saying he Won't Run For Re-Election these are the  latest breaking news today april 11, 2018 this was seen on CNN live by.

also schumer told cnn reporter that trump tweeted about putin and russia and that he will take action this was reported on fox news live
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